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When Should You Hire Your Baker?

Choosing your baker is a step that many couples like to get checked off the list early. It is a fun appointment where you get to taste desserts and cakes and it is a little less stressful than choosing a venue or a planner. It is a less major decision. Although it is tempting to get this off your list early, it is actually something you can and should leave until later in the planning process. You will want to have your big planning pieces in place before selecting your wedding baker.

Your color palette, linen patterns, dress and tux details, centerpiece and floral choices will play a huge role in the process of design. Most couples don’t realize how much of a process the cake portion of planning really is. It is not just picking a cake out of your bakers’ portfolio, it is planning something that will compliment your design. By having all your major design pieces in place, it will make your wedding cake appointment so much more enjoyable and stress free. If you do not know your colors, flowers, or linens it is hard to find a place to start.

Before your consultation do some research and gather some images of cakes and desserts you love. This will give your baker an idea of your style. Bring your photos, pictures of your venue, linen samples (if possible) and pictures of your floral plans. Plan your cake tasting appointment when you are fresh and not starving. If you go in famished everything will taste amazing. We recommend coming in after lunch or dinner when you are in the mood for a dessert. Make it a date afternoon/night!

Our final recommendation to answer the question of when to hire your wedding baker; once you have all your major design pieces in place then you are ready to start tasting cake!

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