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How to Style the Perfect Dessert Table

I am often asked how to set up a dessert table so it looks special and beautiful. I have four things I recommend thinking about when it comes to the perfect dessert table that you and your guests will adore.

Make it Easy for Guests

A dessert table is like a buffet at a wedding. People will line up to serve themselves, so you want to make it easy and efficient. This means that you need to think about:

How far guest have to reach?

Will they be leaning into or over things to reach the back?

Should the buffet be two sided for ease?

Are their items that would work better being served to the guests?

Consider Serving Needs

When deciding where to place desserts make sure to consider how they will be served. If you are offering strawberry shortcake that the guests serve themselves you do not want to put all the toppings in the back of the display. This will result in dripping across everything in front. You want to place things that can make a mess somewhere convenient. Also, remember utensils appropriate for what needs to be served and make sure there is enough. If you have 4 dishes that need tongs have 8 sets so that there is never a wait and you don't have to use the same set for all the dishes.

Think in Levels

Not only should your dessert table be functional, but it should look beautiful. A wedding dessert table is a centerpiece of the wedding reception and is heavily photographed. So, you want to make it look amazing. If you have a wedding cake, make that the centerpiece and work away from it in levels. Highest platters should go in the back lowest in the front. This allows everything to be seen and makes for a lovely asthetic.

Don't Forget the Signs

Make sure to label all the desserts so guests know what they are getting, otherwise people often take one of everything just for a taste even if they don't like it. Also, if you do not want people getting into the dessert until after the cake cutting ceremony make sure there are plenty of signs. If there are no signs many people will think it is just open from the time they walk into the reception.

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