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10 Questions to Ask Your Baker

Are you available on my date?

This is obviously question #1. A in demand baker may book out pretty far in advance. Ideally before you book a baker you have all your big design elements in place. If you have a specific baker you want to hire you can always book the date and figure out the details later. Most bakers are booked at the 3-6 month out point.

Do You Specialize in a Certain Kind of Cake?

Do you have your heart set on a fondant masterpiece? A simple naked cake? Geometric? Make sure that the bakers you are meeting with can actually pull of what you are envisioning. Some bakers do it all and some have a very specific style.

When Can I Come in for a Tasting?

Any good baker offers a tasting. Why would you commit to your wedding cake without tasting it! Look over the baker’s menus before your tasting and decide on a few you would like to sample. Also ask for recommendations from the baker, they will likely have some popular combinations they can recommend.

Do You Have a Portfolio I Can Check Out?

Just like tasting their cake to make sure you like it, you should also look at past work to make sure your sensibilities are on the same page. Looking at their past work will give you info on their styles, strengths and aesthetic.

Can You Design a Custom Cake, or Do I Select from Set Designs?

By the time you book a baker you will have a good idea of what your wedding will look like and what it will feel like. You want a baker who can create something that matches your design as opposed to selecting from a preset selection

How Much is the Deposit?

You will need to put down a deposit to reserve your date and place your order. Make sure you know how much the deposit is and what the remaining payment schedule will be.

What Are the Fees for Delivery and Setup of the Cake?

Generally, delivery of your cake will have a flat delivery charge. Your baker assembles your cake onsite and often will put final decorating touches on once it is on the table. Make sure you are clear in the contract about the delivery charges and the expectation of what will be done after delivery.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Make sure that you ask about additional fees. For example, the contract may cover a 10-mile radius for delivery, and there are additional charges beyond that. Also, whomever will be cutting your cake will most likely charge a fee for cutting a cake that is brought in from an outside vendor, make sure to ask what that will be.

Do You Provide a Cake Stand and Knife?

Some bakers will provide cake stands and cutting knives to borrow or rent. If these are available to you make sure that you have it written into your contract and that you know when and where they need to be returned to after the wedding. If they are not available to you make sure to get all requirements from your baker of what they need so that you can rent them and have them available when your cake is delivered.

Do you have all licenses and insurance needed in your state?

Every state has different licensing and insurance requirements and there are MANY bakers who work out of their homes and do not care any state licenses or insurance. Make sure that you are working with a baker who is following the laws of your state.

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