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Our 5 Favorite Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers have come a long way from the days of the traditional wedded couple. There is are so many options available to couples that can be romantic, funny or classic. We have our favorites and wanted to share them!

Fresh Flowers

Our favorite way to dress up a cake is with a beautiful fresh flower arrangement. It is natural and ties in easily with your floral design for the reception. You can ask your florist to create a special piece, or simply have some extra blooms for your baker to place.

Monogram or Initials

Whether it is your new last name initial or first name and last name initials it is a simple and classic way to decorate your cake.


We are not talking about the old-fashioned side by side generic couple. Figurines can be customized to reflect your interest, personality and even how you look.

New Last Name

In the same style of the monogram, there are lots of ways to display your new shared last name.


A silhouette is also super customizable. There are lots of little online shops that can create beautiful pieces that include your pets, interests or anything you like.

No matter what you choose for the top of your wedding cake, it should be something that you love as it will be in lots of photographs and you will be looking at it for many years to come.

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