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How Much Dessert Should I Order for My Wedding?

Today we are addressing one of the biggest questions we get from our dessert and sweets table clients. How much do I need? When ordering a variety of desserts or sweets for late night revelers you want to make sure you have enough without overbuying and having to haul home or toss a huge amount.

Sweets Tables

Sweets tables have become popular and often replace the wedding cake completely or are served along side a smaller cutting cake that is just for the couple. A simple formula for ordering desserts is to multiply the number of expected guests by 2.5 to determine how many small desserts (cookies, cupcakes, etc) you should order. If your budget allows you could increase to 3.5 per guest so that people can taste one of everything or take some home as a favor.

Late-Night Sweet Treats

If you choose to have a second round of dessert for your guests who are celebrating into the late hours’ calculations can be a bit tricky. Since you don't really know how many people will stay until the very end. Our rule of thumb is if you are bringing out a sweet treat in the last 1-2 hours of your reception like warm cookies, s’mores or donuts plan to order for 50-75% of your guest list. By the last part of your reception at least 25% of your guests will have departed (if not more), so this percentage will allow you to have goodies for your die-hard partying guests.

It is always better to have more dessert than not enough. Consult with your baker or your wedding planner before making your order for the best calculation. Your wedding professionals will have plenty of experience in ordering the correct amount.

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