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5 Unique Summer Picnic Desserts

Summer is such a wonderful season her in the PNW. The days are longer and it is sunny and warm. Summer also brings lots of opportunities for picnics and BBQ’s. I get asked what my favorite desserts are to bring to a picnic or a cook out all of the time, so I thought I would compile my top 5 for you!

Fresh Berry Pie

One of the best parts of summer is all of the fresh ingredients that are available. You can stop by a farmer’s market and pick up berries, fruit and herbs from local farms. All of these fresh ingredients can be combined into to some truly lovely pies.

Some of my favorites

· Lemon Blueberry

· Strawberry Rhubarb

· Raspberry Cream


Cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser and are perfect for events where there may be a

strawberry cupcakes
Joanna Monger Photography

shortage of plates, forks, etc. These grab and go treats can range from the classic flavor of chocolate to more unique flavors. Your imagination is really the only limit!

Some of my favorites

· Pink Champagne

· Chocolate Port Wine

· Banana Carmel


Tarts are another great way to use what is fresh during the summer to create beautiful tarts. They can be made full size or mini, but either way they are beautiful and delicious. I love tarts for wedding showers, outdoor dinners and any event that calls for something a bit fancier.

Some of my favorites

· Raspberry Chocolate

· Dark Berry & Basil

· Key Lime Mousse

Desserts in A Jar

Jar desserts are some of our favorites here at Flour and Girl! They are also PERFECT for picnics. They travel well and are ready to grab and enjoy. The things you can put into a jar are endless! Pies, cakes, cheesecakes and more can all be package into jars. They also make great gifts or favors to give as people leave an event.

Some of my favorites

· LUVA Chocolate Cake

· Cheesecake

· Cherry Pie

Fruit Filled Cakes

Another way to bring in the fresh ingredients of the season is fruit flavored or fruit filled cakes. There is nothing more eye catching than a beautiful stacked cake brimming with fresh fruit. You can use it in a filling or decorate the cake with berries. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Some of my favorites

· Coconut Raspberry Lemon

· White Chocolate Blueberry

· Strawberry Lime

I hope this list gives you some ideas of delicious desserts you can share with your friends and family this summer. If you make something yummy I would love to see it! Feel free to post a picture and tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

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